This year an extra workshop is planned:

The Magnified Healing 3rd Phase Teachers Training is an interactive workshop and the organizational process of it is approximately six months. If you are interested in attending, please advise and register with me, before the deadline of 7 October 2018 for the workshop in April 2019.

After signing up you will receive a registration form and an application form Workshop taught in English and Dutch. Pre requisites: Magnified Healing 3rd Phase Practitioner for at least 6 months and having taught MH 1st Phase before 7 December 2018 for the workshop in April 2019. Pre requisites also is the Celebration workshop, you can attend this one on on 6 October 2018 or 6 April 2019. In this Teachers Training you will receive also an Initiation and after certification you are allowed to teach the 3rd Phase ‘Light Healing” everywhere in the world. Workshop includes a manual and certificate.

The Teachers Training will be on:
April 7, 8, 9, 10 2019

Grandmaster teacher : Dancing Cloud Steggerda
Price: € 500,00
Review: € 250,00